NuxGame Highlights at ICE London 2024: Teamwork and Innovation

At ICE London 2024, NuxGame proudly showcased our latest innovations and celebrated our GLI-19 certification, affirming our commitment to excellence in the iGaming industry. The event, hosting approximately 50,000+ attendees and over 600 companies, provided a perfect backdrop for demonstrating our advancements.

Innovative Solutions and GLI-19 Certification

Our participation in ICE London 2024 was marked by the introduction of new products and solutions that reflect our ongoing innovation. Our achievements include the development of features such as Multi-balance, In-game Converter, Efficient Crypto Asset Management, and a comprehensive Loyalty System & Gamification, among others. These innovations have garnered positive feedback from our clients and participants, highlighting how they change the market and open up new opportunities. Our active engagement in key industry events, alongside our expansion into new markets such as Brazil, has been instrumental in our success. The enthusiastic reception of our latest offerings at ICE London 2024 underscores our commitment to driving the industry forward, with our clients and participants recognizing the transformative potential of our solutions.

The Power of Collaboration

The experience at ICE London 2024 underscored the significance of teamwork and collective effort. Our participation was the result of meticulous planning and collaboration among all team members, demonstrating our capability to work together towards a common goal. This event reinforced our belief in the strength of unity and the impact we can achieve when we combine our skills and passion for the iGaming industry.

As we say goodbye to London, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of our journey at the new ICE location in Barcelona. The scale of the exhibition is set to grow twice as large, and we are already looking forward to participating in these new, expanded shows!

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